Frequently Asked Questions

I forgot/don't know my password for logging in here!
This website uses your normal University credentials (the same username/password you log onto UAOnline with).  If you need that password reset, please go to

How long does it take money to show up on my Wolfcard after I deposit it here?

   The money should show up on your Wolfcard within one minute, depending on network conditions.

What accounts can I deposit money to?
   Although you should be able to see all of your Wolfcard accounts, you can only deposit to Wolfbucks.

How can I see my recent transactions?
   From the main screen, if you click on the Account Name to the left, you will see the recent transactions for just that account.  If you click on "Account Transactions" at the top of the screen, you can select any or ALL accounts, along with a date range.

What if my account or balance doesn't show up here?
   Please call the Wolfcard office at 786-4695 and we will fix the problem.

I used up my $12 Print Account for the semester.  Why can't I add money to that?
   At the end of each semester we wipe the Print money from each account.  The Print Stations in each computer lab are programmed to first debit your Print money, and then roll over to Wolfbucks.  Just deposit to Wolfbucks, and not only will that be available at the print stations, but we do NOT wipe that account at the end of each semester, so if you have a balance in your Wolfbucks account, it will still be there next semester!

I had Bear Bucks on my Polar Express card from UAF.  Can I use that money at UAA?
   Not automatically.  If you've moved to UAA permanently, please contact the card office at 786-4695 and we can transfer the money to Wolfbucks for you.

What happens to the money on my card at the end of the semester?
   Print Allocation Money (for printing in the computer labs) is reset back to $12 each semester you're taking at least one credit.  Remaining balances do not roll over to the next semester.
   Dining Dollars and Meal Points roll over from the fall to the spring semester assuming you have a meal plan in the spring semester.  If you drop your meal plan for the spring semester, then your Dining Dollars and Meal Points are reset to "zero" at the end of the fall semester, so be sure to use them!
   Wolfbucks stay on your card account.  If you graduate or leave the university, they are removed after 18 months of card inactivity, so be sure to use them!

Can I get money off of my Wolfcard?
   We only allow refunds from the Wolfcard if you leave the university, and there is a $10 charge for that refund, so only deposit what you can reasonably spend at UAA on the card.